Beautiful Scenery Pencil Sketch

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Beautiful Scenery Pencil Sketch

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12 Responses to “Beautiful Scenery Pencil Sketch”

  1. ketaki says:

    i can make good sketch than this one…

  2. taniya says:

    Its really a very nice scenery.updates some more drawings.

  3. Safia Naz says:

    nice sketch

  4. oviyaa says:

    awesome pencil drawing..!!!

  5. soniya says:

    its really good but i can do better than this…..

  6. Guramrit Pal Singh says:

    Please kam se kam pani mein mountain ki shadow to sahi bana lete aap.
    fir b not bad.
    good work

  7. kari says:

    some dude’s blabs they can do better….. fine! then do it and paste in here!!! let you skeches speak instead of your tongue!!!!

  8. Guramrit Pal Singh says:

    Soniya its time to prove you, For Better then this.

  9. govind says:

    thts not his picture check this

  10. admin says:

    Please check the artist signature on left…its possible he was inspired by that art..

  11. pradeep neupane says:

    i also like to join in this activities and want to leran different things about pencil sketches but having lack of facilities about this matter here in pokhara(city name) which lies in NEPAL(country name)and my residental area is birauta.If any information which i could got from pencil sketches i could make other proud

  12. arnav says:


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