Laxmi Maa Pencil Sketch

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Laxmi Maa Pencil Sketch

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8 Responses to “Laxmi Maa Pencil Sketch”

  1. tanya says:

    I draw ed the pitcher and i didn’t really made it how u made it but like but my parents liked it so it was good and your picture is amazing i really like it. i am 10 years old.and i am Indian

  2. kavita kadian says:

    🙂 aree u can draw it easily … just try in ur free time …i m sure u will draw better than it … i draw it when i was i 7th std.
    By the way thankxx 🙂 so nice of u …

  3. Subeesh says:

    hey kavi a 10 Y0 kid loved ur pics. so that makes u a real artist. They are honest and they wont look at a painting and say they like it just cos others call it modern art (not saying all MA are bad. They truely meant it wen they say they like it.

    Nyways, hope u see this tanya.


    So go ahead and upload it ask your parents for help if u don’t know how to do it. keep drawing and you will be an artist like kavi.

  4. kavita kadian says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm… well mr. subeesh ..
    thankss for ur great appreciation .. 🙂
    thankss and thnxx to tanyaa too ..

  5. Subeesh says:

    my appreciation is same as everyone else, but Tanya’s appreciation is what i pointed out.

    Bunty you should not be telling kids to draw in free time, you should tell them to draw everywhere, anytime, on the wall, notebook etc, especially in maths book. After all u turned your chapter 12 into art…. hi hi 🙂

    And Tanya please post ur artwork!!!!

  6. kavita kadian says:

    hmmmmmmm i m telling her to draw it in free tym it doesn’t matter if she really loves drawing .. she will make it possible by herself to draw better and it doesn’t the matter of time its the matter of passion and madness about the art and drawing … 😛 Mr. Subeesh

  7. kavita kadian says:

    well leave it .. by the way thanxx again for ur appreciation {which is same for everyone else} !!!

  8. vinay says:

    simply superb.

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