Mother Nature

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Friends,this is the the nature….. our mother . Now she is in trouble because of pollution and this evil can kill our mother but still she is smiling because she knew that we will save her because we are her children and this is our responsibility to save her . So please try……

Mother Nature

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6 Responses to “Mother Nature”

  1. anil says:

    Gd Wrk KIU

  2. dev says:

    really a nice pencil skecthing kavita……

  3. kavita kadian says:

    thank u very much Mr.Dev 🙂

  4. Subeesh says:

    Just wait till mommy gets real angry and set things right. Gona happen sooner or later.

    i like the idea of pollutants trying to drown mother nature. Very thoughtful/creative…….

    🙂 tc

  5. kavita kadian says:

    🙂 thank u MR. subeesh ..
    for the warning too .. 😛

  6. Subeesh says:

    no probs. if it makes u feel any better i only litter organic waste, u know banana peel etc etc. it degrades over time so i think my karma is not affected. 😉

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